Camps & Clinics

T3 Triathlon Camps and Clinics are designed to help athletes hone in on skills needed to be successful in triathlon. Spending a few hours at a clinic or a few days at a camp can allow athletes of all abilities to learn from our experienced coaches and improve their knowledge of the sport.

Education to Improve Outcomes

The intent of these educational opportunities is to teach you processes of successful triathlon. They will provide separate breakout sessions to drill down to the specifics on what you need when you need it.


to Triathlon

This clinic is hosted two times per year in the early season and is designed with the new triathlete in mind. Information will be broken down by each discipline; swim, bike, run. Topics include gear selection (from wetsuits to watches), safety, basic training plan layouts and much more. If you have less than a year of experience or have never competed outdoors, this clinic is for you. You must attend this clinic to practice outdoors with T3 Triathlon Group Training. To further enhance the value of this clinic, athletes can schedule one 30 minute call with a coach as a follow up.

How to

Buy A Bike

Purchasing a bike can be a complicated and expensive endeavor. During this informative clinic we will discuss the pros and cons of choosing a road bike or a tri bike, purchasing of accessories such as shoes, aero bars, bike computers, water bottles and much more. This clinic is held at a local bike shop and will provide you with the information you need to make a smart bike buying decision. If desired, a coach will meet you on the day you buy your bike for an additional consulting fee.


to Ride

Once your bike decision is made, the next step is to learn to safely maneuver on your bike. Riding on the open road can be intimidating and this clinic is designed to make sure you are ready to conquer this feat and do so safely.  This clinic will prepare you to ride on the open road with cars, address the proper use of clipless pedal systems, teach you how to use your gears appropriately and give insight on where and how to ride with a group. This clinic is mandatory for new riders to practice with our T3 Triathlon Group Training.


It’s amazing how many kids want to do triathlon because they see the difference it has made in their parent’s lives. They attend races, getting up early in the morning to cheer on their mom or dad. Naturally, they want to be just like you!  Our kid camp offers the chance for them to learn more about triathlon in the goal to becoming a triathlete. We host several day camps per year that coincide with local triathlons designed specifically for kids.


Water Swim

Probably one of the hardest disciplines of triathlon is the open water swim, even for experienced swimmers. With most triathlons, it is not feasible to swim that body of water before the race, so your first swim in that lake, river or ocean will be race day. We believe the more different bodies of water you can experience, the more comfortable and confident you will be on race day.  That’s why we created “Tour De Lakes”. Each month we will offer open water swims at different lakes throughout the region. Join us for these safety supported swims, you won’t regret it come race day.