Additional Services

In addition to training plans, T3 Triathlon coaches provide athletes with the following additional services to improve your performance in training and racing. Services include nutrition coaching and sport-specific video analysis to support each athlete becoming the best they can be.

Nutritional Program

If you are training for endurance events at any level, a well-rounded nutrition and hydration plan is as valuable as an effective training program. In order to be successful, you must make wise choices on what you eat and drink as well as perfect the timing behind each aspect. Proper nutrition and hydration can have a profound impact on how you feel during your workout today and recover to have a successful workout again tomorrow.

At T3, we coach our athletes to focus on foods which have the highest nutritional content. Foods dense in nutrition will provide the body with the essential vitamins and minerals needed to improve performance, improve health and maintain optimal body composition.

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Diary Review

Athlete provides a detailed log of food and water intake for 14 consecutive days. Food log will be analyzed by the coaches and feedback provided to athlete.

Having a food log review will help you to understand current intake of calories and nutrition in relation to the output demands in your training.

Coach feedback will be to maximize nutritional content of meals, coordinate timing of meals around workouts and balance input vs. output demands of the athlete.


Meal Plan

Meal plan service is designed for those who want to take the guesswork out of meal planning. This service is available for athletes who have completed the Food Diary Review. Custom weekly meal plans will be your guide on what to eat while training.

Custom Performance

Fueling Plan

Individual plan to address fueling needs leading up to and during race day. If you’ve experienced cramping, GI distress, bonking or recurring or slow to heal injuries, your plan will address these specific issues.

Nutritional Quiz

  1. During your workouts do you often feel too tired to complete the distance or effort prescribed?
  2. Do you often have muscle cramping during exercise or excessive soreness after your workouts?
  3. Do you get sick easily or have injuries that are recurring/slow to heal?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from the T3 Nutritional Program.

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Video Analysis

Analysis is a key tool for continued improvement whether you are new to triathlon, an experienced athlete or a top age grouper. The analysis are designed to promote awareness, identify areas of improvement and help make corrections.



Evaluation of your swim stroke can be a valuable learning opportunity for athletes of all caliber. Proficiency in technique will improve your level of comfort in the water as well as take time off your swim.  Working smarter not harder is especially important in the swim portion of triathlon as conserving energy is imperative for success in the second and third disciplines. Options include scheduled time with a coach at a local pool or you can upload your video if you are training online.



Positioning on the bike, pedal stroke proficiency, cadence and bike fit can make a big difference in performance as well as comfort on the bike. Video analysis allow our coaches to make recommendations that are athlete specific and tailored to your needs, training distance and goals.



Whether you have been running for years or are just starting out, our run video analysis can help you perfect your form and reduce risk of injury. Our video analysis of your run will address body positioning, foot strike corrections and cadence in order to maximize your efforts on the final leg of the triathlon.