About Us

At T3, we approach coaching our athletes from a holistic perspective. We know that adult age-group athletes can have substantial demands on their time outside of training and racing. Understanding what is going on in each athlete’s life and how to incorporate triathlon into a lifestyle is imperative to developing a plan that is efficient and successful for the athlete.

Heidi Coble

The driving force behind what I do is to help you achieve your goals. There is nothing more satisfying for me as a coach than to empower athletes and watch them grow.

USAT Level I Certified Coach
USAT Level II Endurance Certified
USAT Youth and Junior Certified Coach

I come from a corporate background with 25 years’ experience in Fortune 500 companies. So I understand the importance of balancing your training with your busy life. The T3 methodology enables athletes of all abilities to be the best on a schedule that fits their lives at an incredibly reasonable price.

I’m always interested in teaching motivated triathletes of all abilities. I view every athlete’s skill set as a puzzle, and I strive to provide the missing pieces that will transform you into a more complete and balanced triathlete. I have competed in races of all distance but am partial to long course triathlons. I have completed Ironman’s in New Zealand, Brazil and Barcelona.

Vicki Florine

My passion for coaching is driven by helping athletes reach their full potential and accomplish the goals they set out to achieve. Empowering each athlete to grow and develop to be the best they can be is what I find to be the most satisfying part of coaching.

USA Triathlon Level I Coach

As a coach, I will combine my knowledge of the sport of triathlon, background in health and strong desire to see other people succeed to ensure that you have the best experience possible. My philosophy includes leading by example while motivating and empowering athletes just like you to ultimately reach full potential while maximizing longevity in the sport.